Why are Piwik revenue numbers vastly different, within Piwik?

I’m still trying to get my head around Piwik Pro, and some of the numbers reported don’t make sense. I’m hoping someone with more experience can explain what Piwik is reporting.

Within Ecommerce → Acquisition, if I look at the attribution option → order, it shows a revenue of £7.6k. If I select Channels, for exactly the same time period, it shows a Sum of Revenue equal to £20k.

Why is there such a huge discrepancy between them, I’d expect them to be the same value.

Hi @pspencer,

Attribution in Model comparison tool shows revenue for the paths with with the number specified in Min. path. length. So basically the difference is due to the fact that Attribution takes data only from visitors from whom it’s possible to build an attribution based on the minimal value. If you change the minimal path length then the revenue should be okay.

The default is 2 so all conversions that were made by visitors with one session will be removed from the report.


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Hi Oliwer

Yup, that’s exactly it. Thanks for the help.