Best Way to Set-Up Accounts for Multiple Clients?


I’m an independent marketing consultant who manages web analytics for nine clients. Under Google Analytics, each has their own account that they have full ownership of with me as an admin so I have control as the owners. I’ve created an account ( with you and see the option to add multiple sites/apps under its umbrella but that doesn’t seem like the right way to ensure that each client controls their own Piwik account. Should I set-up separate accounts for each client (,, etc)?

Hi @David_Culbertson ,
There are two ways you can handle this situation.
One is to have all of these clients within one account. What you will need to get a closer look at is the user permission levels for Sites and Apps, Meta Site and Apps and Modules (see links).
This way you handle your clients through one account. There’s a catch - You get up to 500K actions a month for all Sites or Apps (Properties) for a calendar month and there’s a limit of 10 Sites or Apps per Core account.
An alternative solution would be to have them each in a separate account. This way you get 500K actions for each account, there is no risk you’d grant access to reports & set up of one customer to another and each of the accounts can get up to 10 Sites or Apps. This way however you’ll need to register separate accounts with different email addresses (or aliases) - we are working on a solution to offer one email in multiple accounts but it will take us a bit time more.
For more information, I invite you to become a reader of our Help Center where you’ll find all information about the Piwik PRO solution.

Makes perfect sense. Thank you.