Add the ability to use same e-mail address across many core plan tenants

Hi there!

I’m trying to invite to a account a user already registered on a different account. When I try to send the invite, i get the error “the user already exists with this email.”

Indeed, the email is used on an other account (my personnal account) and I have to access to my client account.

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Hi Cédric,
At this moment Piwik PRO Analytics Suite does not support adding this same user to multiple organizations, I need to ask you to use an alias of your email or provide another email address.
We do have this feature in plans, but I cannot specify the date just yet.

Web agencies potentially have hundreds of customer. They might be your number one business target.
Being able to access every Piwik pro customer account with one email address is quite critical.
Please prioritize this.

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this functionality is one of the elements of a bigger project we are discussing.

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I was trying to launch Piwik with multiple clients today, to see if the tool would cover their needs, but they all sent me emails back with this message. So, to add these clients, a new email for every single one is necessary? That’s a really big hassle, any idea when this will get fixed? That would be really helpful :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately, the solution we can suggest now is to use aliases or different emails for those users. At this moment I don’t have specific dates for the implementation yet.

As a consultant I also again want to stress this.
If we as partners want to push or should push Piwik then a multi tenant solution musst be doable.

Yes I can create an alias per client, and yes I’ve got a password manager in place. But it’s still a hassle ^^

We’re also facing this as an issue now.
Is there any update on when this would be on the roadmap?

Also related to this: can I remove my existing user from one account and then ask to get invited by a different account or would I then end up in a situation where I have a user that can’t be linked to any account anymore?

FYI, yes this works.

A quite risky method to check it :slight_smile: Yes, once you remove an account, it’s gone :slight_smile: no soft deletes when handling personal data.

As for your question, we’re currently working on a mechanism to allow multiple sessions per one unique e-mail address. However, it’s too early to communicate ETA.

Ops, got into that today trying to add myself to a customers account… I think this is a crucial functionality that needs to be added asap!


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Still no news on this topic??

This is a really big issue, and reason enough to switch to something else, you really need to fix this or remove the “pro” from the name…

hi @MJJ
This feature, amongst others, will be rolled out early next week for Core accounts. Remaining data centers will receive it gradually the following days.
Just a moment more :wink:

Ahhh finally a good news. :blush:

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