Visitors and Sessions number is three times bigger than pageviews

If I take a look at the Analytics I see that:

  • Users: 18857

  • Sessions: also 18857

  • Page views: 6292

At the same time Google Analytics (which is also installed) displays 2860 users, 3830 sessions and 5862 page views.

Please advise why Piwik displays three times more sessions than page views and how can I fix it.


It looks like an issue with data collection. How is the product installed and what’s your website configuration? Can you share the website address?

Is Jarek from your team? Because he already asked for my account URL and I posted it here… Although now it seems that this post is deleted :slight_smile:

I have ca 6 sites under my account and all of them have the same issue. For example, see this one here.. What is also weird is that for every site “average page on site” is 0s.

I can send you my account URL if needed.

I have used manual installation method and installed the code inside the tag.

Here are my screenshots

Hi. The issue is your current configuration. If you want to compare it with GA’s data, you have to enable any of the available IDs.

Without user or session identifiers, each event will create a new session and returning visitors won’t be recognized.

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Thanks. I’ll try that out.