Double entries under tracker debugger

Hi there,

Under the tracker debugger, i am seeing double entries for the page view event. I want to know if it is intended to show it like this or it is double entry for a same page. I checked in the code, the page is only loading once.

Is it a single page app? I’d check it with the tag manager debugger and omnibug plugin. Most likely code responsible for triggering page view runs twice. We have to detect why it’s happening. Do share screenshots showing your configuration?

it is not a single page app. Our application is in angular working along with wordpress. Can you please tell me more, which configuration screenshot you required? The code snippet in our application or piwik dashboard

Let’s start with this guide. Try to do some page views and check if some of the tags are not fired twice.


this is what happening on the page. Nothing more. Entries are double in track debugger


Did you get a chance to review the screenshot?

You have to test it together with tracker debugger (available from Analytics → Settings). If some page views are duplicated, for sure some of the tracking requests were duplicated. Did you configure some additional tags via the tag manager?

Is this site publicly available? Can you share url here or on priv?