Calculated Metric for Pages with Bounce Rate


Is it possible to build a calculated metric that shows only the bounce rate for entry URLs where the channel = organic search?

I can’t see how you can create a calculated field for that.

You can create a custom report though

I know but I’m trying to get around the filter issue in Looker Studio. (when I add a filter of “bounce rate >= .60” plus filter of “channel = search engine,” I always get an error message. This seems to be a known problem.)

Did a quick test in Looker Studio,

This seems to work fine, it gives me values for 50% and above


Which bounce rate did you use? session bounce rate or url/page bounce rate?

I’m also noticing a small difference: In your screenshot, AUT (for automatic) is next to the metric. In my Looker Studio data connection, it shows SUM.