Campaign splitted in multiple rows

I made a custom report to look at sessions, orders and revenue per campaign and found that some campaigns appear twice even though the campaign name is the same.
Any idea why that happens?

Hi @muttley90,

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The reason for the split there is the fact that you are using Revenue as a dimension.
Because you had two different revenues for the same campaign they are split. What you most likely wanted to achieve with this report is something like “Sum of revenue” or “Average revenue”. You can do so by (when customizing report) clicking on the dropdown of the Revenue dimension and selecting prefered metric transformed from this dimension.

Here is also an article that explains in detail what is a dimension and what is a metric, you might find interesting: What are dimensions and metrics? | Piwik PRO help center


Thank you Oliwer.
One more question, if I may: in the Looker connector there is revenue but not sum of revenue, it means that it must be treated as a dimension and not as a metric? That explains a lot of problems I had in Looker Studio.