Missing dimension in Data Studio connector: Custom channel grouping

Just updated my Piwik Data Studio connector to the newest version. Is it possible that in the new connector the Custom Channel Grouping dimension is missing?

Hello @michiel,

We had to remove the dimension, because it was wrongly displayed in the older versions. Currently it’s not possible to use custom channel groupings and calculated metrics in the Google Data Studio connector.

Some more technical info: custom channel grouping appeared as only one generic dimension on the list, even though in Analytics you can have more than one grouping and each of them provides a unique identifier.

We plan to add them back in one of the next releases.

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Thanks for the update @Piotrek!

Hello @michiel, I come back with some news:

We have released a new version of the Google Data Studio integration. It introduces support for Meta Sites, calculated metrics and custom channel groupings.

Here is a direct link to the new version: Google Data Studio