Can’t access website data - “No access to this view” message

The message “Website or app doesn’t exist or you don’t have access to this view” is displayed when you either:

  • do not have permissions to view the selected website, or
  • entered a link to the website that was deleted.

First, make sure that you selected the right website in the website selected (top right corner).
If you don’t see the website on the list, or the list is empty, it means that the currently logged in user does not have the right permissions set.

In order to grant permissions to the website:

  1. Login to the administrator account or ask the person who have access to it to follow the next steps.
  2. Go to Menu → Administration → Websites & Apps → select website or app → Permissions
  3. Assign a “View” or higher permission for your user (it’s recommended to do at minimum “Edit” to allow creating reports and dashboards).

Learn more about permission levels in Permissions for a website or an app article on Help Center.