Website or app doesn't exist

Hi im new to Piwik, and yesterday i used a lot of time testing conversions, tags and triggers.

Today though, i keep getting the message, that the Website og App dosnt exist. When i try to refresh, or clear cookies, i sometimes get in, but then after a few minutes i get kicked off again and get this message:

{“message”:“no Route matched with those values”}
or lands on a page saying:
“Website or app doesn’t exist or you don’t have access to this view
Contact your administrator for further assistance”

Hi @aeApodan, welcome to our community!
The issue you reported is actually a thing that we are investigating now, We’re in a process of upgrading Piwik PRO Core which is expected to happen unnoticed in the background.
Sorry for that, give us a bit of time to sort it out and try again later during the day.

Hi Tymek

Thank you for the fast reply, and im releaved that there is an explanation for my issues. :slight_smile:
I will try again later today.

Have a great day!

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hi @aeApodan, just wanted to let you know that the fix was implemented and the error should not happen anymore. I checked on my account and found no issues there.
Please let me know if you observe any.

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