Change text "Powered_by" on consent forms

We are having problems with the contrast in the text on “Powered_by”. Can we change the color of the text or remove the text somehow? Been looking but found nothing.


you can use CSS to change the element, but it needs a quite “strong” selector in order to change the default layout due to the current design. You can try something like this:

body div.ppms_cm_popup_overlay div.ppms_cm_footer 
span#ppms_cm_footer__powered_by {display:none!important}

If this does not work you can add the style to all pages using JavaScript in a tag for example.

var s = document.createElement("style");
s.innerHTML="div.ppms_cm_popup_overlay div.ppms_cm_footer span#ppms_cm_footer__powered_by{display:none!important}";