Chart is adding total as a value

When making a pie chart the total visitors is added as a piece of the pie :confused:

A bug?


Hi Dave,
What program are you referring to?
Make sure you you set the correct dimensions in the raw data session settings or in your Piwik reports.

Also, could you please send me a URL to your website? You can leave it here under this thread or send it to me via private message if you prefer to.

OOps that was silly of me :confused: Working in Lookerstudio. Both graphs are using exact the dame source / dimensions / metrics.

Could you please provide me with parameters (dimensions, metrics and so on) you used to generate both of the charts?


Hey @dave,

Thanks for providing the screenshots, they helped us with investigating.
Unfortunately, there’s a bug when using the “Country” dimension with pie charts or donut charts. We’ll schedule a fix for one of the coming releases and will update this thread when it’s ready.

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Will keep an eye on this one than @Piotrek :slight_smile: