Device type data shows "other" on Data Studio chart


I just want to display sessions by device type on a graph in Data Studio.

Problems :

  • the graph displays 49.9% as “other” (while the data in the table is correct)
  • I have a “null” line, can you tell me what it is?


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Hi there!

Do you also see the same data in Piwik PRO Analytics (including “other”)? It would be helpful to compare these two to maybe see where the problem lies.

Secondly, can you share the definitions of those graphs/tables you have in Looker Studio?

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@sararekowska same behavior for me.

  • Piwik Pro Analytics shows “no data” / “Keine Daten” in german.

  • others depends on segment count for donut chart and leads to confusing data. If I switch from 10 (default) to 5 everything is wrong:
    Dashboard-Piwik-Pro diagram

I’m using connector version 1.0.8

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“No data” being present in your reports is nothing to worry about, some devices just don’t give out that information at all.