Code error in Shopify:Attempting to close HtmlElement head' before HtmlElement 'script' was closed

We use Shopify for our E-comm site and have just installed Piwik ‘basic container’ and ‘additional container’ to our Shopify backend. However, a warning message has shown as following:" Attempting to close HtmlElement head’ before HtmlElement ‘script’ was closed". We want to know why is this, and how to fix it.

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What we recommend is placing the script directly into the source code of the site without the use of 3rd party tools, however, you can check if the requirement that we have in this article: Install a container (with a tracking code) | Piwik PRO help center, i.e. placing the async container within the body tag checks out with the current setup on your site.

If you would like to keep injecting it through Shopify then make sure that you removed an additional installation code from the head section since it is not required for e-commerce tracking.

Thank you for your reply. Regarding “removed an additional installation code from the head section”, where shall we find that ‘additional installation code’?.
In addition, why does logging into Piwik Pro Suite keep showing us the 404 page? we tried Chrome and Edge browsers and tried switching in and out of USA VPN, no change.

What I am referring to is this Additional container (sync) installation code that is placed below the Basic container in the Administration>Installation settings. It should not go into the source code for e-commerce tracking purposes and the only code that you would need here is the basic one. Here is a screenshot for reference:

What is your website URL? You can leave it here under the thread or send it to me via private message.