URGENT: Piwik Code Visible on my Shopify Sites!


I’ve set-up Piwik Pro on four Shopify sites. On the first site, the code is working great and, as expected, is not visible on the page.

On the other three sites, however, the tags fired from the PP snippet all appear in visible text at the bottom of the pages. I tried the snippet in both above and right under . The outcome was the same - visible tags at the bottom of the page! (the data was being recorded either way)

I have pulled the PP snippet from all three sites until a resolution can be found so please PM me and I will provide the URLs of the sites having this issue! I am in the USA, Eastern Standard Time.

I just wrote you a private message.

The problem has been solved. It turned out that there was a problem with the tag implementation.

Kudos to the Piwik Pro support team for determining the issue so quickly!