Shopify - Custom Pixel Installation


I tried to install Piwik Pro in Shopify Custom Pixel type installation (so that we can have it on the checkout) but Shopify is warning that there is recursivity in the base code.

The process is here : Shopify Help Center | Custom pixel code

Can you please help / provide a base tracking code without recursivity ?

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Have you followed Piwik PRO’s guide on how to install a tracking container in Shopify? - Shopify: install a container (with a tracking code) | Piwik PRO help center


Thanks !

Sure, files in .liquid do not allow a deployment on the checkout part :slight_smile:, hence my question !

Do you need Piwik PRO Tag Manager? If not, then you could try to implement the script that will only run the Analytics:

The container for this particular case is much simpler and is not recursive.

Yes, actually I need the TMS most of all. I used GTM as of now, but I would love to be able to switch to Piwik Pro :slight_smile:

Thanks !

Apart from these two solutions, it would be difficult to propose anything else. The only solution for now I see is to modify the files in .liquid so that they allow a deployment on the checkout page as this interferes with the method that we recommend using.

Thanks for your feedback !

For security reasons (according to Shopify), it seems to be very difficult (not to say impossible) to modify the .liquid files for the checkout for most subscriptions nowadays…

Please advise when a workaround is available. I’d be more than happy to test it if need be ! I would rather have the choice to use Piwik Pro :slight_smile: