Consent banner behaviour when switching URL with different path

I have 2 websites :

They have two differents PIwik instance (different Piwik id) and the consent manager have been enabled on both sites.

My question is simple.
What would be the behavior when switching from a website (/en) to an other (en-us) ?

If I refuse the cookie on /en, is the cookie banner will be displayed if I go on /en-us
For me yes because we have an other instance of Piwik so the user will be considered as new user.
Thank you for your confirmation

Hi @romainproximity,

Yes, you are correct. When there are two different containers a consent decision will not be shared between them, hence visitor will be asked for consent two times.


Hello Oliwer,

Thank you for your confirmation.

And if my Piwik Pro instance is installed in 2 differents domains : and

Will my cookie banner reappear when I switch from a domain to an other ?

Because I’m doing some test on my staging environment and I still have my cookie banner on the second site even if I accepted at the first touch point.
Even if I have the same visitor id for the both domain in my report I don’t want that my user can say yes to the consent at the first touchpoint and no at the second.

PS : my tracking is done according to the CNIL/GDPR configuration.

Thank you very much for your help


Yes, consent form will appear again on the second domain.


Hello @Oliwer_Kaczmarek

Thank you.
Is it possible to avoid this behavior ?
Or is it only because I have 2 differents domains ?

Thank you very much for your help

Hi @romainproximity,

That is correct. Piwik PRO Consent Manager uses a first-party cookie to save the consent status for each consent type. That means that as of now the consent cannot be shared between domains (but can be shared between subdomains).

Thank you Anthony for this confirmation.
Best regards

In theory this could be done by appending the consent status in the URL as a parameter and then using that to set the appropriate consent through your tag manager. E.g. or so.

You’d need some way to dynamically populate the outlinks though so probably some custom code somewhere. Haven’t done it before though.

Yeah, seems like an interesting option. E.g. getting the consent settings from the query parameters of your URL and passing them to setComplianceSettings. It would probably still count as consent decision changed event as the consent manager would set initial values in the background.

Haven’t tried this yet, might try in the future.