Contact forms don't work properly after Piwik installation


I installed last week Piwik PRO on my Webflow website, by adding custom code right after the opening tag on every page of the site, as requested by Piwik.

Since then, my contact forms don’t work properly anymore:
Expected: Form should display a success message saying “Thank you for your message, we will get back to you soon.”

Instead: the success message is not displayed - the form just blinks and empties itself , as it seems like the page is refreshed automatically but I’m not sure why.

As a user, I have no clue if my message is sent or not. Worse, when I tried another time, an error message appeared then disappeared immediately - I still received the message on the Webflow backoffice but it is far from great from a user point of view.

Is something from the installing code would make the page refreshing as soon as an action is performed on the website?
I hope you can help me fix these issues, and make my website great again. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you!

Hi Orly,
can you tell me which installation method you picked precisely? If it was our async container (which I believe it was) - can you double-check that the code snippet has all opening-close brackets? Our code should not interfere with the structure or functionalities of your page, so let’s double-check.

Hi TymekGF!

Thank you for the quick reply.
I indeed used the Basic container async.

I started by adding the custom code on the Webflow backoffice, because there is a “Custom Code” section to it. But then I realized that the code was added before tag. I thought that it may be causing the issue.

I then deleted it and added the custom code to each webpage, by adding an “Embed” component as the first body element on each page of the website. Unfortunately, the issue remains the same.
(And in the end, it was way more easy to have it in only one place, even if it was added before tag. Does it matter this much?)

So that’s for the details, but about the code itself, it has all opening-close brackets!

Hi Orly,
I’ll ping you in a personal message because I’d like to get some more account-specific details.