Elementor Forms And Piwik

Hello there.

I am transferring a site from google analytics to PIWIK. But i have som trouble with the triggers that is connected to the Elementor class = elementor-message elementor-message-success ("you message has been send ") It did work in GA but the trigger is not fired in PIWIK.

I have tried to use Debug mode, and there is no sign, that it is fired. I think i have messed something up. Anyone else have managed to get elementor forms to work with PIWIK? , GA worked with the class setup.

I am not the experienced in this “tagging” so i really hope for your assistance :slight_smile:



did you use an “Element Visibility” trigger in GTM and now try to replicate that with an “Element Presence Trigger” for an element, that dynamically gets shown after submitting a form? If so and the trigger does not fire after the form is submitted, you can use a HTML Tag with a script that adds a DOM listener for that element. You can find more about that option in a blogpost here (you can use the same code in Piwik PRO Tag Manager). Add a listener for visibility / css class changes for the success message, add an event to the dataLayer and use that event to trogger your tags.