Convert "+" to a space in URL parameter


It would make the reports more readable if the + character that is sometimes used in URL parameters was converted into a space in the reports.

For example, let’s say I have the following parameter: utm_content=My+content. I’m retrieving it using a URL variable, using utm_content as the GET value.

Then, I create a custom dimension and make sure its value is defined by the variable.

Right now, the value for this dimension will appear as My+content in the reports. Could it be My content? Or is there any other way to achieve this?

Thank you!

Hey Thomas,
instead of using a URL variable, you’d need to use a custom JS variable to retrieve these parameters, manipulate it (get rid of ‘+’) and use its value in the custom dimension. That should do the job and you won’t see ‘+’ in the reports anymore :slight_smile:
If you have any questions, please let me know :smile:


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Hello Piotr,

Didn’t think about this! It’s working great. :slight_smile:

Thank you

I’m happy it’s working well :smile:

Have a nice day!