Problem with Funnel Report (URL)

Hello Community,

I want to create a funnel report to see where the user leaves the website.

First url path is only / (root url)

Second step is /stepx?=step1

Third step is /stepx?=step2

If I set the path to /stepx?=step1 for example it shows 0 sessions.
If I set the path to /stepx it shows all steps which is wrong.

How can I use the path url parameters?

Thank you!!

Hi. Could you check if those URLs exist in the Page URLs report? Maybe some encoding issue changes them a bit?

No is it exactly the same URL. Maybe because Iam excluding the gclid?

Hi, gclid is automatically removed by Piwik PRO (the “value” it has is used in reports but you don’t need to include it in URL). Try creating a “contains” operator and “step1” (assuming that “step1” is unique). Does that work?


First thanks for your help. I will describe my problem more in detail.

If I select the 10. of April and take a look at the pages:

You see that the main page / has 73 page views

and the subpage: /erstellen?page=01-Role hast 240 Page Views.

When I now creatre a custom report with the following values:

The result looks like this:

If I take a look at the drop ofs in Step 1 i see the most value is the second step:

But in my report its 0.

It looks like there must be an issue with conditions. Please try using the main page with trailing slash and without it (with ‘or’ operator). You might also try using URL and not URL (path). If it won’t work, please provide the instance name (could be via PM) so that we could look into it.