Cookie consent form and screen reader

If cookie approval choices have not been made the user will be offered the cookie approval consent form and if the “Consent form with blocked content: Display a consent form and let visitors browse your site only after making a decision.” option has been enabled, user shouldn’t be able to browse the site until the cookies have been accepted.

However, it looks like that doesn’t work correctly with the screen reader because the focus is not forced on the cookie acceptance form. The screen reader user can (and has to) scroll through the entire page first until the focus is on the consent form - so the user may use the site without realizing the need for cookie approval. This can be tested without the screen reader by just clicking the tab-button (when the cookie consent form is active).

Is this a bug and/or is there a way to correct this?

Hi @MarkoH,

Indeed it seems to be a bug. I reported this to our product team and this will be fixed.

Thank you for reporting it!

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Thanks Adam! Could you reply to this thread when the bug has been fixed?

Sure @MarkoH, you can also follow our changelog using this link

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HI @Adam. It looks like this bug has not been fixed yet. Any news when this will happen?

Hi @MarkoH,

The issue was reported, but the ETA is yet unknown. I will let you know when the update comes up