Consent manager - blocked content doesn't work


It’s me (again) :slight_smile:

We have implemented the cookie consent banner with the following option: “Consent form with blocked content Display”

We a user arrive for the first time on our website (wordpress), the content is not blocked, it happens only if he browses on a second page.

We use the Piwik plugin.

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Hi. Can you share the URL of the website?


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Thank you for your help

Fix has already been released and is waiting for deployment. Most likely next week.

Hi Kuba,

Thks for your feebdack.

Could this issue have an impact on the counting of visits?


Hi. It all depends on your configuration. I guess you end up now with a bit more users making no decision, because they’re not forced to either accept or decline the form. Fortunately, a fix should be delivered really soon (I see it’s planned for Wednesday).

Hello @kuba,

Do you have some news regarding the release date? I didn’t see the update in WP.


Hi. The fix has already been released. Just checked your site and cannot reproduce the issue.

Hi Kuba,

was it last Wednesday?

Because since mid-last week, the discrepency between Piwik, UA & GA4 has decreased (Discrepencies between Piwik PRO vs UA vs GA4 - #16 by kuba)

So maybe, it was the issue…

Yes, release was last Wednesday.