Cookiebot & Piwik - Cookies not set

I am using Cookiebot with Piwik.

  • Ask visitors for consent is on
  • When visitors don’t consent is set to Collect data without using cookies
  • Use a custom consent form is on.

ppms.js is only loaded after consent is given on Cookiebot. However, sessions id and user id do not get written:

pk_ses and pk_id cookies are under statistics.



How can I get Piwik to write cookies after consent has been given in Cookiebot?

Use visitor cookies in the tag is also turned on.

Do you inform Piwik PRO Consent Manager via API that the consent has been given in cookiebot? Here is the article describing steps: How can I integrate a third-party cookie consent tool with Piwik PRO? | Piwik PRO help center

P.S. We’re working on an integration with cookiebot which should make it easier in the future.