Cookiebot <> Piwik: reading consent state without configuration on piwikpro side

Hey, I have an issue with Cookiebot.

When the consent is accepted or denied, there is a data layer push that communicates that consent state. The thing is that I wanted to set up a custom consent configuration in piwikpro but, without even done nothing about it yet, I recognized that piwik pro y checking Cookiebot datalayer state to delete cookies.

How can I prevent piwikpro from reading cookiebot state and set it this behavior directly on piwikpro to avoid it from doing anything else?


Have you set up Piwik PRO’s Cookiebot integration ( Cookiebot integration | Piwik PRO help center )? Does the issue occur with the integration? Could you please share here under the thread or via private message a screenshot of the issue or a URL of the website?

Hi! Thanks for replying. Found out what the problem was and it has nothing to with PiwikPRO, it was on Cookiebot side. Sorry for the inconvenience!