Cookies created after 20 min


I want to install Piwik pro in cookiesless mode. I go to the settings and I foolowed the guidelines (Collect data in a privacy-friendly way | Piwik PRO help center)

But when i go to the website and i refresh after 10-20 min, full cookies are created.

I installed Piwik PRO tag with Google Tag manager and the official connecteur, maybe I should install Piwik with HTML tracking code ? But how to delete cookies creation ?

Have you a solution about that ?

Thank you

Hi @Lea_Caulet,

The privacy friendly setup you are referring to, can only be used when installing the installation code, as documented here:

The GTM based setup, using the tracking template is used for the Analytics purposes.

Adding the Installation code to the website would allow you to use the full potential of all Piwik Pro modules, where the GTM template is a quick win for ppl that can’t or won’t use the Piwik PRO Tag Manager.

Does this make sense?


Thank you, Can I put this code in a tag with Google tag manager or i must put this code directly in my website ?

When i put this code in a tag, cookies are created upon arrival on the site…
Maybe should I delete some line of code ? “cookies_created” ?

I would suggest to add it directly to the website.

Not sure how complicated your current GTM setup is, but since you want to collect data in the most privacy friendly way I would replace GTM for the Piwik PRO Tag Manager.

If your website is a Wordpress website you could use the Wordpress plugin (as documented here: WordPress: install a container (with a tracking code) | Piwik PRO help center)

Hello, thank for your advize, i have installed Piwik with the Piwik PRO Tag Manager but i have the cookies pk_id and pk_ses, i think it’s because i use some triggers…

But i don’t understand, which trigger can i use for doesn’t have any cookies ?

Thank for your reply