Cookies not dropping via GTM

We are using GTM to add Piwik pro tracking, added via the built in third party plugin. As shown in the image below.

Yet, no cookies are dropping on the site. Or shown in the cookie system.

Any ideas whether i have set this up wrong?

Hi there. This is our recommended way to install Piwik PRO via GTM: Google Tag Manager: install a container (with a tracking code) | Piwik PRO help center

Could you also elaborate what do you mean by “dropping cookies”? If it’s about displaying the consent manager, mentioned guide should help, as it installs not only analytics, but also the tag manager and consent manager.

Hi Kuba,

Apologies. No, i mean that i have added the tracking code for analytics via GTM to the website, but no traffic is been recorded, Piwik stilll asks for the code to be installed and the site shows no PI_ tracking cookies in inspect>application.

Hopefully that is clearer?

I’d still recommend installing full suite. Nevertheless, if it’s not possible, could you check if the template is firing if you test in in GTM debug mode? Please also double check if the template has been published.

says fired. But still no data. There’s no errors in the debugger

But, i still don’t see the cookie on the site:

I can see you’re using optanon consent management. Maybe it’s blocking new analytics tools by default?

it may be, sadly i don’t have access to that system at the moment due to a glitch their side, so waiting on a new implementation. The attached debug report came through on Piwik. So i guess it may be the cookie system blocking access.

Will wait till the new one is in place.