Core: sync. container tag has an error


when I copy the code from the admin section there is a “}” before the slash and the Id that does not belong there and so the script can not be loaded without manual container code correction:

<script src="//**}**/'+id+ keeping the fact aside, that there are more elegant (and robust) ways to load a script than using document.write() this should be fixed I guess :)


just tested it and looks correct in my case. The entire line:

document.write('<script src="//'+id+'.sync.js' + qPString + '"></' + 'script>');

well, might be an error in my case that was caused by the manual provisioning(?) Mine is

document.write('<script src="//}/'+id+'.sync.js' + qPString + '"></' + 'script>');

but as long as this is not a general problem this seems an irrelevant post now. BTW: Is this the right place for feedback regarding the Core plan or should I use a different one (if any ;))?

Ok, now I see the issue. It affects only a few instances. Just fixed it for yours. Thanks for the info, I’ll forward it to the engineering team.

And yes, definitely - community forum is a great place to provide feedback, especially in the early days of the project. :slight_smile: You can create a separate topic and group all the information if you have more. :slight_smile: