Default Consent Manager appears on first page-load

Hi there,

I’m running into an issue where, on the first visit of a new user (incognito browser), I get the default consent banner:

While, after reloading, it shows the correct one:

This is consistent. My guess is this may be related to when the script is loaded, but I want to hear your ideas before running this by our devs.

Can you tell me what the most likely causes are?

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Hi @codewulf0,

Could you share the website URL? Either here or in a private message.

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Thnks! You have a DM.

Looks like you are adding 2 different Piwik PRO containers to the website.

Uncaught Error: Attempting to initialize a second container. Multiple PPAS async containers on one page are not supported. Make sure container code is added to the site only once.

Thanks, this was a known issue that is being fixed by our devs. Something in the react render engine. But it’s the same script being loaded twice, not a different container, so this shouldn’t produce such a bug, should it?

It looks like 2 different containers to me as there are 2 different Piwik PRO account names.

Ah ok! I will investigate this further with our devs then. Thanks for your examination. I’ll report back when I know more.

I’ll send you the account names in a private message, so you can find the code quicker.

Our devs accidentally added their test-account on the live site. This has now been fixed. Thanks for your fast replies.