Create Attribution Report in Looker Studio?


Is it possible to create a report in Looker using the dimensions and metrics from the Attribution report? When I search for the attribution-related dimensions and metrics in the Looker data source, I’m not finding them. I’m trying to recreate this Looker report using MCF data from GA3.

fvdublin.org_conversion_attribution_report_03-2023.pdf (1.1 MB)

the attribution report is not available over an API, so Looker Studio also doesn’t have access to it. At the moment there are no plans to enable that possibility.


Is it possible to create a similar report in Piwik Pro itself? I’m thinking not because I’ve experimented with creating a dashboard (which can be exported as a PDF) and I’m not finding any of the attribution metrics available.

No, attribution is available only in the custom reports section. It’s a very computation-heavy report and for that reason, it’s not possible to add it to the dashboard or access over API/integrations.

Understood. It would nice if multiple tables/charts could be done in a single custom report for sharing as a PDF.