Ecommerce dashboard with Looker Studio

Hi all

I’m creating my first ecommerce dashboard in Looker Studio. I added metrics like revenue, unique purchases, abandoned carts, lost revenue. I was also able to combine these metrics with dimensions like channel, country, device type and browser language.

The only thing I couldn’t achieve what is on my wish list is to display the product names. Also the average order value would be nice, but I’m mostly looking for a way to display the product names in my Looker dashboard. Any suggestions? Templates maybe?


At the moment support for product-level data in our integrations is limited. However, we’re getting ready for a big update for Piwik PRO Analytics which will bring a new, more advanced version of ecommerce reporting. This will also unlock product data in integrations and most importantly, in the Looker Studio connector.

I’ll update this thread with more news as we are getting ready for launch. Our current target is late April/early May.

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Hi! Are we talking here Supermetrics connector, or is there another connector available? Free would be good.

Apologies - I must have missed the reply to this thread. We also have our own native connector, which is described on our Help Center here: Looker Studio (Google Data Studio) integration | Piwik PRO help center

Feel free to try it out - it’s completely free.

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