Use attribution models in reporting


As I’m trying to find my way creating relevant and accurate reports in Piwik I come to wonder how to either:

  1. apply a created custom model to a standard or custom report
    2 choose an attribution model and set it as standard throughout all embedded standard reports

See, if I want to create a report displaying goal conversions per source / medium, I can create a customer report displaying just that but I don’t know what is the attribution model used to display that data. And I don’t now how to change it on a report base.

Alternatively, I could look at the “attribution report” and select one attribution model. However, it does not solve the issue to be sure of the attribution model applied to any other reports (custom and standard alike).

Could you please inform me on what is the best course of action here?

In advance, thank you.

Kind regards,


Hi, the custom attribution models are working only with an attribution type of report. It’s not possible to apply the attribution model globally to other types of reports mainly due to the heaviness of a computation that has to be performed.

You can use different dimensions while designing your attribution report, including source/medium.