Create UTMs in Piwik

Hi, guys

I would like to see the performance on some of my site’s banners (no of clicks).
We recently started to use Piwik and not sure hot to do this.
Is is possible to see the number of clicks on a banner with slides, I need to mention that we change the slides everyday. Something like: slide nr 1 - number of clicks, slide nr. 2 …
Also, do we have a recommended structure for these UTMs?

Thanks so much!

I assume that the class names for your banners are not changing, so you could set up a custom event to track it. Here is our article that you might find useful: Create a custom event | Piwik PRO help center

Regarding the UTMs: no, and I’m also attaching our article regarding Piwik PRO URL Builder, which we recommend using: About Piwik PRO URL builder | Piwik PRO help center

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Golden rule is to track anything that comes to your website with UTMs, and try to avoid tagging anything inside it with UTMs, and use custom events instead.

Example 1:

  • you have ad banner on some webiste that sends traffic to your website → add utms to this banner so you know in your analytics where people came from. You can use some utms builders available online. What it does, it adds few “parameters” that tell you where session came from, what was the utm_source (for example: newsletter), utm_medium (for example: email), utm_campaign (easter-promo-2023), utm_content (banner 1 or banner 2 if you have two and you are a/b testing)

Example 2:

  • banners on your own website → you have access to data, it’s better to add custom events. For example use dataLayer.push onClick event, or you can do simple click trigger in tag manager with some class or url rule.

In this scenario if you would use UTM tags on internal links in middle of user session there is risk of overwriting whatever you tagged before in session parameter. So for example your google / cpc could be banner / slide1 after user clicks it.

You can try to do “automated” tag that sends event based on class or some other parameter of banner, and use event category ie. “Click Interaction”, event action “Site Banner”, and create some custom parameter in event label with dynamic “{{Banner Name}}”.

If you send custom event instead it’s just additional hit in session that represents some action, that can be compared in custom events report and previewed in session log if you want more details

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