Created calcutaled metric is not working

Hi everyone,

I want to track engagement score in the form of Goal Revenue divided by visitors. I’ve set up a calculated metric for this, and the validation is succesful.

However, on our dashboard, when I want to show it in a table divided by channel, it doesn’t give me any data. And there have been goal completions. The name of the calculated metric is Engagement score.

What am I doing wrong?

Please ensure you have tracked goal revenue data for a given period. The screenshot shows a preview in the report editor which shows data for 7 days and most likely, you don’t have any revenue data tracked in that period. Save the report and play around with date ranges.

I’ve allready done that, and there should be data in it (goal completions have been recorded and I see revenue with those individual goals), but is doesn’t matter what date range I use, it won’t show anything.