Calculated metric not recording data

Hi everyone,

I’ve asked this question before, but the topic was closed. Sadly it still isn’t working like it should.

I want to track engagement score in the form of Goal Revenue divided by visitors. I’ve set up a calculated metric for this, and the validation is succesful.

However, on our dashboard, when I want to show it in a table divided by channel, it doesn’t give me any data. And there have been goal completions. I even see Goal Revenue in the Goals reports.

The name of the calculated metric is Engagement score.

What am I doing wrong?

Hi Laura,
it looks like a bug. I was able to reproduce that when at least one of goals didn’t have any revenue data for a given period. When all goals have revenue data then it works fine. Passed that information to the product team.

Oh thank you so much for looking into it!

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