Creating alerts based on dimension conditions


I tried to replicate some of the alerts I usually use in GA setups and almost all of them require a specific segment because there are only conditions based on metrics or aggregated dimension values.

Decreased or increased traffic from a specific source, views of pages grouped / filtered by path (think “404”), regional conditions… To build alerts for significant changes in sessions or events for such segments… well…, segments need to be build that are more or less useless for other reports, adding to the list.

I wonder if there is a way around this or an easier solution? I always prefer to keep lists of segments and other assets as short as possible and so the need for “alert only segments” is slightly counterproductive :slight_smile: The only workaround I could come up with is using segment names that differentiate segments built specifically for alerts from real “reporting segments”.


Hi @mbaersch,
thank you for your feedback and verbose description, it’s super valuable to understand the context.
Added to feature requests list for further processing and prioritization.

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