Segments in interface and API

I would like to ask if there are plans to implement more advanced options to segments, the way they are in GA, as the current options are very limited.

What I´m missing for example is:

  • To be able to segment, for example, sessions where X event has occurred. Right now the segments really are just simple filters and also the scopes “cancel” each other as per this info from the website “If you request a query that includes at least one column which requires event scope, the entire query will be calculated using events, instead of sessions”. That is really really limiting.

  • Introduce user based scopes for segmenting

  • Adding more than 2 segments at the same time

  • Segmenting by event sequences, for example, sessions or users who first saw X page and then Y page

  • Adding segments to the API, being able to get 2 to 4 segments there, for example when you need to extract data from an ABC test, in GA you can create 3 segments with the same setting and the only difference is some custom dimension that states A, B or C.

Segments is an important feature that feels totally overlooked. Any chance on improving it soon?



Thank you for your input it’s very valuable. We’re aware of those limitations, they were requested by some of the other users as well and we want to improve that in small steps. Comparing up to 4 segments is in plans for Q1’23, other stuff is not on the roadmap yet and at the moment it’s hard to say when it will be added to the product.
Nevertheless, there’s a chance that in the upcoming months, we will take on our plate some of those features, most likely sequence segments and filtering sessions by events.

Well explained Marta, agree on all points.

For us session segments are more important than user segments (mostly due to cookie lifespans).
For instance, a segment of sessions that visited our pricing page, or a segment of users who went through step 1 in our booking system but did not complete a booking.

Event sequences would be great too, but just some simple session segments would help a lot.

Sounds great Jarek!

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Just throwing my support for more advanced segments.