Cumulate Data in Data Studio

I have already asked this in a Support Ticket but I was wondering if I find a different answer or creative approach in the Community :slight_smile:

I connected Data Studio with Piwik PRO and am currently updating our existing Dashboards with the new Data from Piwik (we used Google Analytics Data before)

Now I have several cases where Data is not shown cumulated:

How it is: August 2022 is shown in several rows

How it should be (Screenshot with Data from GA):
one Row with August 2022, one with July 2022

It is a Blended Data Source where I use "campaign name RegExp Contains .* to define the selection “UTM campaign is set”

Now I guess I get one row per UTM campaign as there might be various campaigns.

Thanks, Susanne

Hi. This issue will be addressed in the new version of data studio connector. You can expect it within 2 weeks from now.

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Hi Kuba, has the new version of data studio connector been released which can solve this problem? Where I can find it?
Thank you.

Hello @Serena,

We released a new version of the connector that improves filters. You will find the latest version in our Help Center article: Google Data Studio integration | Piwik PRO help center

Keep in mind that it’s not possible to use the “partial RegExp matches” operator with our data, because we don’t provide an operator like that in our product (only exact matches).

Hi Piotrek,
thanks a lot for your answer. We tried it today but the problem doesn’t seem to be solved. Look here (with the new data connector as source):

We still have the data not summed up.
Can you help us to solve this problem please?
Thank you

Adding to Serenas Input (we are in the same team), I have now used the new Connector in an existing Dashboard and encountered the following error:
When I use a global filter for the report (eg Filter by page URL), I get a Data Set Configuration Error


Do you have any Info on how to avoid this?
Thanks, Susanne