Custom Consent form - implied consent


I am using the customer consent form example provided by Piwik Pro here.

Adjusted the styling and functionallity to my liking. However, I noticed that if no interaction is made with the consent form it gets hidden with the next pageload. With my limited knowledge of java script I am unable to resolve this issue. Is there someone that can explain to me why the form gets hidden on the next page when no interaction is made and also how to solve it?

Hi, could you please send me a URL of the website that you are referring to? You can leave it here under the thread or send it to me via private message.

Hi there, Unfortunately I am testing on a staging domain and I do not have the ability to add you. I use the script on this page. Would it be possible to help me based this?

Well, it would be better if I had an example to operate on, but I may be able to figure something out. I will get back to you.

If you could have a look that would be wonderfull. Apologies for the limited resources.


we have the same issue - when the page is refreshed, the consent form doesn’t show again.
However, I want the visitor to make a decision - it’s live here: .

What do I need to do in order for the form to persist until the visitor has made a decision?

Thanks in adavance.

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