Custom event are not getting triggerd

I am already using tag manage and created goals and conversion funnel for my website in piwik pro, now i am doing same thing for another website in piwik pro, it dosen`t worked however it is tracking and working perfectly fine for first website.

Note: I copied all goals, event, tags, variable from one site to another.


Have you checked if tags fire in the Tag Manager debugger? Can you post your exact setup and what you want to achieve?

Tag Manager Debuger dosen`t works for me, i am using this in url ?_stg_debug,

I have already setup custom page view and custom url for one of my website, you can see in details with below URL

now i am trying to do same setup in another domain it dosen`t worked

Let me know if you want more detail in regards to this.


How is the code installed on the other website? Have you maybe used GTM? Can you share the URL (here or on priv)?


I have used it in this website you can check how i implemented.

Also inside piwik pro dashboard on top we are seeing this message

Any reason why this is coming?


What’s your traffic? You can check it in Administration.

I can’t check the website because of that:

To comply with regulations this website is not available for the territory you are accessing from.