Sending custom events to Piwik pro using GTM

Hello all, I am very new to Piwik Pro so forgive me :slight_smile:

I am migrating a site from GA to Piwik pro. The site has a large amount of GA events created in Google Tag Manager. We will still be using GTM as all the triggers are already defined.

I am loading the Piwik Pro base script as a Custom HTML tag on all pages (screenshot 1)

I was trying to migrate a simple event by using the following Custom HTML tag (screenshot 2) - I published my GTM container and tested it. The tag fires from GTM - but when I use Piwik debugger, I can’t see my event being fired? Am I missing someting? Thanks !

Screenshot 1

screenshot 2


Screenshot 3


It should be working if you are firing it same way - because you technically know that same trigger was used before. Go to overview and try to find that event, it will have darker color if it was fired. Or click specific trigger that should fire that event and check if there is your tag that you made.

… or third option go to Piwik to /settings/debugger/ and find your session. If your events are firing correctly they should show up there in logs.

Thanks for your reply. I don’t seem to have a debugger in Piwik under settings ? am I at the wrong place?

Hi @cgoasduff,

CNIL compliance (turned on in administration) removes the tracker debugger from Analytics as this tool is against the CNIL guidelines.

As you are firing this tag via Google Tag Manager, you won’t find it in Overview in debug mode. Events log shows you events that are in dataLayer, and not the events that are send to Piwik PRO.

One way to see if the event went through is to check it in network in the console:

If your tag was fired you will find in network “ppms.php” request with payload that contains:

  • Event Category (e_c): Social follow
  • Event Action (e_a): Facebook Click
  • Event Name (e_n): {{Page Path}}

Amazing! thanks for your help