GTM <> Piwik Pro Analytics - Information from Tags are false

  • We chose Piwik Pro Analytics to replace GUA in our tracking stack
  • To test it, we implemented a tag in GTM to follow the button_click on Newsletter (see the picture below)

  • We use a Custom HTML with the Code provided by Piwik Pro
  • When we go to GTM debugger, our tag is well-fired and all information gathered are true

  • When we go to the Console and look at the _paq object : we can see that everything works well (see photo)

  • After having published the tag, we go to Piwik Pro Analytics to verify information collected
  • In the debugger, we identify our session, we see all events but information collected are wrong (see the image below). All data gathered are marked as undefined

  • Do you know what could be the problem ?

Hi @Thomas_Roudat,

I’m pretty sure the trigger for the tag is incorrect, because it is fired on the GTM.init, instead of the click event.
Could you doublecheck to make sure the tag is fired on the correct dataLayer event?