Custom report not appearing in scheduled reports

I have created a custom report of my user flow and I would like to schedule a weekly pdf file per email about this custom report. My custom report doesn’t show up in the dropdown menu of the ‘create a scheduled report’ page however, anyone has any ideas?

Hi @Pieter, user flows are not available for scheduled reports. The purpose of that kind of report is an exploration of the data. In addition, it’s visually extensive so I doubt it would be readable in the PDF.
You could use a funnel report instead for a specific user path as it can be added to the scheduled report.

That´s a pity, thank you for your quick reply and suggestion.

I would like to add to this that the website does allow me to save the custom user flow report as a pdf, and this works just fine. Just the report scheduling functionality seems to be missing.

You’re right, my bad.
The reason for the lack of support of user flows in schedules is the performance - users flows are heavy computation reports so if there would be many of them set up by many users then it could cause a high load on the infrastructure. The decision was made a few years ago so potentially it’s something we could reconsider based on current usage stats.

Understandable, hope you do reconsider it!:wink: