Custom reports - tracking from a newsletter to a specific action on a website

Hello everyone,
after reading the guide, I have set up the tracking of how many people opened my newsletter (now i have a specific report: analytics>report>page title) and the monitoring of my newsletter with a “campaign” (now i have a specific report: analytics>report>campaign).
I’ve also created a “custom events” to track who clicks the Subscribe button on my website.

Now, I would like to understand how to set up a custom report that tracks the flow of the email openers (or from the campaign) to the registration form on my website and its receipt of the registration form. So i can understand how many people subscribe from the newsletter…

Can somebody help me?

Hi @Marketing,

You can for example create a user flow report with a filter that checks only sessions from a newsletter campaign

and then set the key interaction to for example custom event clicks on subscribe.

Here is a link to read more about user flow Set up a user flow report | Piwik PRO help center

But there are a lot of possibilities when it comes to this type of data. flat table, explorer, bar chart and so on. You could even just add a simple counter in a dashboard like this:

It all depends on just exactly how and what you’d like to see.


Hi, thank you for your answer!
What i need to check is the flow from “pages report” (where i can check how many have opened my newsletter) to customer events, where i’m checking the subscription button on my website.

What I need is to understand how many visitors that opened the newsletter, has clicked on the link inside, visit it and became subscribers.

I’m not sure i’ve configurated correctly the “campaign report”, because i’ve only few visitors and is very strange (i’ve use PiwikPro Builder)…
Same for the custom events, because i’ve only more subscribers than the report show.

I’ve read all the guides…but i really think that is not working properly…
In fact, i’ve tried your solution but is not working

Hi @Marketing,

You can test if the solution work properly by opening a link with campaign and checking in tracker debugger if the session have correct campaign assigned to it.

I visit my testing site from a link with a campaign being: example_campaign. And after finding my session in tracker debugger in the session data I can see that there is in fact campaign named “example_campaign”

ok, i’ve check and it’s working properly.
Now, how i can connect who opened the newsletter (report “Pages”) to the “Campaign Report”? Cuz right now they are not connected… i’ve tried with the user flow but they are separeted…

Hi @Marketing,

If you’d like to know what pages are viewed by people from particular campaign, this can be achieved for example via:

  1. Go to Menu → Analytics → Reports → Behavior → Pages.
  2. Click on blue button Customize
  3. Here you will have couple options:
    → Add a filter dimension Campaign name and use the name of campaign you want to see page views for

    → Add campaign name as part of the nested dimensions

Both options are okay, it just depends on what exactly you want to accomplish. Also you can use one of the solutions from above as well