Outlinks vs buttons clicks

Hi there,

we have several buttons on our webpage which link to our app (which is external, it’s like a sign-up button).
I have tagged all buttons, in order to track whether one button is clicked, and use the custom event report to track the clicks.

Now, I’ve compared the custom event report and the outlinks report - which should show the same numbers for the particular URL - right?
They don’t, and I don’t understand why.

Some numbers for June 2023:
Outlink report shows 101 unique clicks (and 193 outlinks) and the customer event report shows 113 clicks (all buttons summed up).

Can somebody solve the mystery for me and tell me which number is the “true” number of people that went to the external site? :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance.

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Hi there!

Are there any other links on your site that are not buttons?

not for this particular URL - we only use buttons for this.

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Alright, thanks! When you look at the outlink report, is it possible that it is showing more than this one URL that you use on buttons? Did you look into specific URLs that are in this report?


I’m looking at a specific URL.
This URL is “behind” our CTAs from our webpage.

I attached a screenshot.