Data changed after a while (with the same time period)

Hi Team,

Our team found out that data changes after searching it again within the same time period.
For example, when we first searched for this page information, the data was like this:

But today, the data looks like this

How did this happen and how can we prevent this kind of inconsistency?
Thanks for your help in advance.

Hi @chun!

In general, data in the Analytics module is not real-time. It takes around 30 minutes for it to be processed after being tracked, so it’s possible that there was some not yet processed events waiting in the pipeline.

Not sure if this is your case but it’s still worth mentioning - events tracked via the mobile SDKs (Android, iOS) can be a little bit late. This is because mobile devices (can) lose internet connection pretty often and in this case our SDKs store the tracking requests in local storage until connection is reestablished.

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Hi @anthonybartczak!

Thanks a lot for your reply.

With your explanation, it is more understandable about the differences in data.

While in our case, we set the time period between the end of September and the beginning of October. When we first checked the event data, it was in the middle of October, and when we checked again in November, the data changed. In this case, it does not meet the condition of 30 minutes of the data processing. How do we explain this kind of situation? And is there any way to prevent the data change?

I think we might need to take a deeper look if this is not the case.

Would you mind sharing:

  • your Piwik PRO instance/account URL
  • the app/site name or UUID
  • a URL of the report you are mentioning (this should solve 1st and 2nd question)

It can be either here or in a private message :slight_smile: .

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