No data collection from our websites

Hi, Since a week no data is collected. The debugger is working. Last week i got a message in piwik pro(see attached): We identified a delay in data processing for 10-13 june 2024. The data is being processed in the background and will appear in your reports once completed.

What to do to fix this problem?


Hi @Daan_Geers,

Wait for the reprocessing, we are currently working on it, so there’s nothing on your side to do but wait. We belive it will take up to two weeks.


Alright, thanks for the reply Oliwer.

Any Updates Oliwer on this subject?

Hi Oliwer, we still miss 10-13 june data in the reports. Any updates?


Hi @Mirko_Cecchin,

Most of the data has been reprocessed.
Can you send me your instance address in a private message so that we can double check?

Have a great day! :slight_smile: