Data Discrapency

Hi I am trying to access two types of data based on channels and page-level.

  1. For the channels I get the right number of sessions, bounce-rate, and session time.
  2. For the page-level the numbers are completely off between the data I get from the query and that on the Piwik Dashboard.

Can anyone figure out why the data does not align? I have used the API call definition to get the same data I got from the table.

query = {
        "date_from": date_from,
        "date_to": date_to,
        "website_id": website_id,
        "offset": 0,
        "limit": 100000,
        "columns": [{
                "column_id": "timestamp"}, {
                "transformation_id": "to_path",
                "column_id": "event_url"}, {
                "column_id": "sessions"
        "order_by": [


in the pages report in Piwik PRO, there are some filters added to the report. You could actually see them if you click on 'View API call definition’
I assume that it might be the cause of the discrepancy between data in the UI and in the API.
You could also send me your API calls and I’ll check them.