Google Ads Report showing wrong clicks, costs, and CTR

When comparing clicks, costs, and CTR from the different Google Ads Campaigns in Piwik with data in Google Ads, I get wrong numbers in Piwik. The numbers in Piwik are much higher than in Google Ads.

Can anyone help me?

Some examples would be helpful, screenshots at best from both tools to see what is compared and for what time periods.

Here are some screenshots where you see the difference between the data from Google Ads and Piwik. The date range is 23. october to 29. october 2022

Hi, thanks for the screenshot. Do you have the same time zone configured in both tools?

Yes I already checked that :wink:

Passed to the engineering team and it will be checked in the next few weeks.

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Is there a fix to this yet? I still see the wrong data.

@Klovfod after initial review the issue wasn’t identified.
Could you provide comparison screenshots between Google Ads and Piwik PRO with complete data for ad groups of one of those campaigns?

Is the data invalid for a date range you provided initially or does it also happens for other date ranges?

Hi Jarek,

Here’s a screenshot from both Google Ads and Piwik - same date range. The data is invalid no matter what date range and campaign I chose.

Is there any solution to this problem?

Hi Jarek,

Could you help me with this?

Not much I can do, it’s queued in the maintenance for further investigation and has to wait.

Hi Jarek

Is there any progress to this or any idea on when it will be solved?

I see even bigger differences now between the data.

@Klovfod The analysis of our daily data consistency has revealed a discrepancy between the number of clicks recorded in our system and the count provided by the Google API. The data, which is downloaded once from the API and saved, represents a snapshot of the subsequent day’s data. In your case, the ‘click_view’ report shows a significantly higher number of recorded clicks compared to the ‘ad_group_ad’ report. This suggests that a large number of clicks may have been invalidated after the data was retrieved from the Google API, either automatically or manually. Due to the mutable nature of the click count in the Google API, we cannot definitively confirm this. While some discrepancy is expected, the scale in your case is unusually high. However, we understand that this discrepancy may cause confusion. It’s important to note that Google may change data over time, and there’s limited action we can take on our end, apart from delaying data retrieval. We are committed to providing the most accurate data possible and will continue to monitor and adjust our processes as needed.