Detailed content rapport

Hi there,

Just switched from GA3 to Piwik and it’s working out great, except for one thing. In the Behavior-tab of GA3 I find a detailed content report. I can click on a path of my website - e.g. - to get access to the page views, bounce rates etc. of the subpages of this site path. Is there a way to do the same in Piwik? I want to know which news articles on our website get the most views.


Hi. With Piwik PRO it should be even easier, as the same can be achieved without configuring it on the tracking code level. Please see this article: Organize dimension values into custom groups | Piwik PRO help center

Thanks for the quick response. I made a dimension value group, with the dimension ‘Page URL’ and the group settings ‘Page URL contains /news/’. It does not work though; when I use this dimension on a dashboard and select the news-group, it still shows all the other site paths. What do I do wrong?

Hi. Is it grouping all the news URLs correctly? In the configuration of dimension value grouping you can select to group all other paths “together”.


That works, thanks! Is it possible to filter out the group with all the other paths? So it will show only the news URLS?

Hi. You would have to use segmentation to achieve that. With a segment set to Page URL does not contain X or a regular expression. Personally, I’d leave the row showing how many “Other” URLs there are.